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Private Investigations can take on many forms. Below are details of a few of the services we offer but our skills can be used in many ways. We will be happy to meet with you and discuss what services can help you best. Each case is unique and we can offer many different solutions.

Pre-Employment Screening
Background Checks
Criminal Defense

Civil Litigation
Insurance / False Claims
Bug Sweeping

Domestic & Child Custody
Family, Marital & Infidelity
Debtor Locating

Skip Tracing
Process Service
Retail - Loss Prevention

Pre- Employment Screening


It's important to go beyond what someone tells you. It only makes sense to find out about them yourself.


Is your new business partner trustworthy? Does he/she have a criminal background?


Did that new hire only give you "good" references? Is there someone else you should talk to at their last employer?

Domestic and Child Custody


From cheating spouses to parental fitness, we can find the truth.


Is your suppose acting suspicious? Are their habits and routines changing?


Are your children acting differently after a visit with your ex-spouse? is there a new partner in the picture? You should know who is around your children and know they can be trusted.



The best way to learn the truth is to see for yorself. Is he really playing golf? Is she really done with drugs?


Fixed surveillance to watch a home or business for suspicious activity.


Mobile surveillance to track movements and locations - info to confirm suspicions or protect loved ones.

Civil Litigation


Are you being accused of wronging someone? Did someone wrong you? Collecting evidence is paramount to your case. Divorce is Civil Litigation.

There is more to the story than what you see on the surface. Digging deep below the primary issue can shed a new light on the case.

Is your spouse not paying alimony or child support? Are they hiding income to keep payments low?

Criminal Defense Investigation


Innocent until proven guilty - It's the prosecutions job to prove guilt, you just  have to supply reasonable doubt.


Interview witnesses - Are there more witnesses that need to be tracked down? Is there additional info a witness can contribute that the initial investigation did not find?

Skip Trace


Locating someone who is missing is serious business. But locationg someone who is hiding or just happened to leave the area can be hard.

Do you need someone to be served that is evading? Are you trying to locate a witness? They can be found, it just takes skill.


Does someone owe you money? Do you have something to return to someone you cannot find? Is there a lost loved one you want to find? We have a bag of tricks to help.

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